Dress Code

Student attire is expected to be appropriate for the workplace and grooming should be appropriate to the school and work setting and must not be a distraction or endangerment to themselves or other students’ health or safety.

While in the lab area, students must wear safety glasses, appropriate uniform and solid rubber sole shoes that cover the toes.

Coveralls, aprons, and/or uniforms must be purchased at DTEC or approved by instructor.

Note: Students will not mark or paint on their coveralls or on another student’s coveralls.  Students found in violation will purchase new coveralls within three school days or lose the privilege of attending classes at DTEC.  Any coveralls that are ripped or torn or considered unsafe by a staff member must be replaced immediately at the current replacement cost.

Clothing or other items decorated or marked with illustrations, words or phrases which are profane or obscene, which encourage the use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and/or illegal substances or promotes gang or other behaviors that violate district policies are not permitted.   Students will be asked to turn shirts inside out.

Students may not have chains including wallet chains (excluding jewelry) in their possession.

Articles of clothing or other items suggesting lewd or sexual themes (double meanings), or are too revealing are not permitted.