Enrollment for Out of District Students

Open Enrollment Process



Open enrollment is an opportunity for students who are enrolled in an online class, home school, charter or private school to take a course at the Dennis Technical Education Center.


The Dennis Technical Education Center does not directly enroll students. Students are required to apply through the “Open Enrollment” process offered only at Borah High School. Please follow the instructions to apply:


1.Download the Open Enrollment Packet available online at:

¨ www.boiseschools.org

¨Parent & Patrons tab

¨How To Enroll

¨Open Enrollment

¨Click on the “Open Enrollment Application” link


2. Complete the application and return it to the Principal at Borah High School for approval. On the application, please note on item #6 that it is for Dennis Technical Education Center only. At this time Borah will forward the application for District approval. Upon approval or denial a letter regarding your student’s application will be mailed to your home.

This does not register the student for tech classes if approved.

3. If approved, it is the parent/student’s responsibility to contact Borah High School to proceed with enrollment and register for tech classes.

Borah High School: 854-4370

Dennis Technical Education Center: 854-5810